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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

True love | December 21, 2017

Each time I sign with a new client, I set out a goal to make my client's dreams come true. This isn't always an easy goal to reach. There are so many different kind of personalities out there and each client wants something different than the last. I have the opportunity to get creative, find inspiration and draw outside the lines. Being able to create a design for my client that they absolutely have fallen in love with is what does it for me!

At the studio, we always start off by reviewing the client's inspiration photos. Then, it's my job to take their inspiration, add in my creativity and make their vision come to life.

We meet with our clients anywhere from 8-12 times, (depending on the project and how detailed the scope of work is) to review the layout, the design, scope of work, and all the materials, down to every last little detail. Typically, it takes more than 1 appointment to finalize the material portion of the design. When I sit down with my client to review the materials, there is always something that they want to see different; maybe it's a different tile selection, paint colour, cabinet hardware.... (which is totally normal because this industry is massive!!!) but I'll be honest when I say this, I have had only a handful of clients who when we sit down to review the first selection of materials, that they are absolutely so thrilled and don't want to see anything else! When it is time to review the materials, I usually pull 2-3 different options so that they have choices. I always recommend looking at the other options, but when they look at me and tell me "That's it! That's the one!", that is when I get chills and my heart starts beating really fast, because I know all my hard work has paid off.

Designing a space all comes down to how the space feels when you walk into it. And you either have it, or you don't. This is my drive. My high. What keeps me going. This is what feeds my soul. And I am so damn proud when I succeed!

My career means everything to me. It makes me want to work harder, learn more and be the absolute best that I can be for my team, my clients, and of course... me! The last few months I have absolutely started to dream tremendously! I think about all the possibilities that my career could offer me. That also means that I'm gonna have to work my little hiney off! And I am so prepared to do that. Because why just go to work everyday? Why not move up in the world if you can? Am I right? I am a dreamer and I am nothing but hopeful!

Off to find more true love!





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