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Kitchen redesign | June 7, 2018

Hey you guys!!! I have talked so much about this kitchen on my Instagram (stories and posts) and I am so excited to show it off! Just wait till you see the before photos. Your jaw is going to DROP!

I just absolutely love the way this space turned out. So much love and attention went into designing this space! I had the pleasure of working with this incredibly sweet couple last summer. They were so full of energy, love and great humour. Every time I met with them to review their design plans, there was always so much laughter going on in the studio! Doing my job is one thing. Doing my job successfully… now thats something to celebrate about! I always think about more ways that I can become more successful in my career. Whether it is designing a great space or just having that awesome connection with my client, both to me are huge wins! Therefore, connecting with this delightful, outgoing couple over their kitchen renovation was such a treat! They came to Foxglove Design as a repeat client. A few years ago, Michelle had designed their kitchen for them. At this time, they had decided to sell their home and move into their rental property and redesign the kitchen. I was thrilled when Michelle told me that they would be my client going forward in their new home. They just looked like so much fun and I couldn’t wait to work with them!

I’m happy with the decision I made with the layout, in removing the two walls, and moving the locations of the fridge and stove. It completely opened up the space and made it much more functional! This space turned out perfect (in my opinion!). It was everything I imagined it would be. After reviewing the clients wish list and their vision, we decided that a soft transitional style incorporating contemporary elements into the space was the way to go. This isn’t always as easy to do and I have to be every so careful when I am doing this. Transitional is the art of mixing styles! We stayed fairly neutral in this space, with a 8” wide white oak plank engineered hardwood for the flooring. This flooring is so charming!!! It’s from a fabulous company we sell at the studio. It is all American wood,and hand crafted in small batches. So once they make and sell a batch (say approximately 50,000-100,000 sqft), then they take that “colour” and adjust it for a new batch. SO COOL! You will never find someone who has the same flooring as you. Similar, sure. But this baby is one of a kind! The cabinets were custom made and again keeping it fairly neutral in both colour and style, I went with Chantilly Lace (OC-65 Benjamin Moore) on the cabinets in a shaker door style. This helped us with keeping the design fairly clean lined and simplistic yet delightful. We accented the cabinet with a black matte, thick hardware that has sharp curves. Such a striking feature! I’ll tell you later why we went with the black!

On the perimeter and island for the solid surface tops, CaesarStone (Bianco Drift) was a great way to keeping the space light, airy and neutral. It is actually quite grey with white in the veins and a dark sandy brown mixed into the grey. Super gorgeous quartz, it could go with anything! We picked a ceramic backsplash, glossy 4” x 8” tile that had the similar colours in it, but had the marble effect (without spending the money you would on actual marble!! haha!). Again, fairly simplistic and had the perfect tones for the space.

Now...the lighting!!! This was a tricky one! The clients were very particular on the lighting, and I sourced sooo many options! We finally narrowed it down to something that was a bit more edgy, contemporary and incorporating gold accents into the space to complement the warm tones in the hardwood flooring. The light fixture over the dining room table, I could just cry! This is a 16 light chandelier… yep, 16 bulbs! This stunning chandelier offers a burst of energy as a modern interpretation of a traditional crystal chandelier with a bit of mid-century modern inspiration added to the mix! This light would for sure be the focal point of any room. The starburst has striated clear fluted glass pipes extending in all directions with multiple lengthy rods randomly bursting between the glass pipes in a burnished gold finish. The glass tubes have a clear fluted finish. This light fixture is 32” x 32” - a great size over a kitchen table! As for the pendants over the island, we decided to incorporate some modern style. One light pendants that are both simple and elegant. This is a conical blown glass pendant with a closed bottom. The metal detailing adds a rich and contemporary look to the fixture. We did 3 over the island, each pendant is 10” w x 17” h. I know that doesn't seem too big, but when you see them in the space they are STUNNING! Now back to the hardware…because the pendants have a dark weathered zinc for the wire, this is why and how we could incorporate some matte black into the space!

Let’s touch on the sink and faucet! Typically I like to have fun with these items. Step out of the box a little and really shake it up. The client wanted something fairly simple and not a lot of fuss. They loved the idea of keeping it stainless, which is totally fine and worked with the space. We did a gooseneck single lever, pull down spray faucet (when the water comes out while the spray feature is on, it’s actually on a diagonal its really cool!) with a large 30” double, low bowl sink.

Now….time for some fun fabric!!! On the banquette seating, I selected a velvet fabric with a cool graffiti paint look to it. It’s so neat! It has gold, white, brown, and dark navy tones in it which gives the space just a splash of colour. It offers a stylish, modernized feel to the table setting. The secondary fabric I selected is a slightly textured, geometric pattern in a deep navy colour. For the third fabric, I chose to go with is a solid, so that the space didn't feel too overwhelming with the light fixture. The fabric is a dark, blue grey textured fabric. I chose to do this on the bench seating as well as two small toss cushions just to mellow down the other two dominant fabrics. I had a blast picking these fabrics, I actually picked them in less than 10 minutes! They were the first ones I pulled and when I did, I just knew! Thank God my client loved them as much as I did.

Time to talk about the functionality of the space and what it has to offer! This space has tons of storage! At the back of the island, there are 3, 30” cabinets, which are at a 12” depth. Great for cook books, mixing bowls, tall vases, and maybe holiday decor that you only need to pull out once in a while! We have a recycling bin pull out, which has a 4 bin compartment. 2 large recycling bins, and 2 small compost bins. We designed a built in cutlery tray insert that is 27” wide. This is such a great added feature to the drawer. Keeping all your utensils clean, and tidy. In the right drawer next to the stove we have a custom plywood spice rack in the top drawer, perfect way to lay your spices down. Tons of upper cabinets at a 30” height, and 12” depth. Of course in the island, a 33” wide, 3 bank of pot and pan drawers…for obvious reasons! And for all you wine lovers, a wine slot on either side of the bar fridge, for sooo many bottles of wine. LOL! Of course can’t forget the banquette seating with drawers! These are 18” height x 18” deep, and 27” wide. Sooooo much storage!

Lastly, the wall colour. I decided to go with Balboa Mist (OC-27 Benjamin Moore ).This was such a great light colour added to the space, next to the white cabinets and the warm, sandy floors. I feel like this colour looks good in any space, it’s such a great tone!

THE BEFORE'S!!!. . . . .

That's all for now!

I'm off to the next design - cheers!





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