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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Time management | March 25, 2018

What is time? Am I the only one who thinks the year is flying by already?! I feel like it was JUST Christmas! Jeesh!!! It is now the middle of March and I have yet to be able to get another post out! Although I spend a ton of time writing, what takes up most of my time is RE-WRITING! I don’t post anything until I am completely satisfied with what I have written. I’ll finish a piece and then I go back to it a few days later to review it and all of a sudden I find myself completely re-writing it LOL! What takes even more time is doing the photography. I work full time, so I try and find time every few weeks to set aside 2-3 hours to get some photos done. This is usually done at the studio, but it still takes so much time to set everything up and get all the right shots.

I feel I can balance my time pretty well…however…I already feel super behind on my blog! But maybe that’s normal? Does anyone else feel that way?! Not only do I put in 40-50 hours most weeks, I also have daily maintenance that needs to get done! I’m sitting here getting my hair done as we speak! As I’m babbling to my hair stylist as to how behind I feel about my blog, she said, “Why don't you write about it!?” I laughed and she said, “No seriously!” And so I got to thinking, well why not?! I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten about you beautiful followers! My blog is absolutely a priority, however, there are things that need to still get accomplished outside of work and a personal life. My love and I are in the middle of planning a trip to Europe, we literally leave in three days! (March 28, 2018). It’s taken time to research and figure out where we want to go, what we want to see. SO fun!!! We are visiting London, Paris, Scotland, and Ireland. Has anyone been?! Feel free to message me with some travel suggestions, always open to that! Okay, so like I said we leave SO soon and we don't even have anything booked, except our plane tickets haha! Oh, and we have our Air B&B booked to where we fly into. Which is fine I guess, I think we might just wing it which a lot of people tell me is the way to go. Other than that…. we have things to book! Oh! Also, we will be gone for 3 weeks!

Okay, so outside all this, there are work events and constant attempts to catch up with friends, spend time with my loved ones and make time for all of that. Even things like getting an oil change and getting to my nail appointment on time seem difficult to actually do! I have all my appointments booked in advance so I get there and get there ON TIME! Life is super busy at the moment - but I’m handling it! I’m also doing a 30-day challenge of clean eating - so meal prep is huge! (no I’m not doing some crazy diet, I’m literally just trying to eat properly and cut out some of the junk!) But again, just trying to get to the grocery store and figure out what meals I’m going to make is super time consuming!

I could continue to go on and on about all the things I have on the go, but I think you get the idea. Life is BUSY! When I get back from my trip, I feel like things will start to wind down a little…maybe…maybe not LOL!

Trying to wrap things up at work with my clients is also a little overwhelming, (Again…I’m handling it!) but I do have projects that I need to get back to when I return. More importantly, I need to ensure my clients are being looked after while I’m away. I have 3 big jobs that will be starting shortly after when I get back. So again, I’m trying to arrange all the trade and material deliveries, preparing timelines and getting those last minute meetings in with my clients, it has to be done!

So that is what I have been up to! A busy girl always on the go - Can’t wait to post and catch up with you when I am back.

Ciao for now! XO

Off to EXPLORE!!! Ciao!





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