I'm Alyssa

Thank you so much for stopping by!


I’m the gal behind the scenes and run for the love of design. I’ve been in the design industry for a few years now, and I have the pleasure of sharing the things that that I love in this creative world we are oh so fortunate to live in.

I am a designer, and I now am so fortunate to have this amazing website that explains just who I am, and what I love to do!


People always ask me, what gets my fire going. You want to know what really gets me fueled up? When my jam comes on the radio for starters LOL! But really it's working one-on-one with that really special person or couple who are looking to transform their space to be homier, more inviting or whatever it is that they are looking to achieve.

I feel like I have finally found my calling. I am constantly on the go, running from job site to job site. Being on site is actually one of my favourite things, because that’s where all the magic happens! I'm a pro at balancing meetings, finalizing drawings, and all the behind the scene work that clients don't see! By the end of the week I know how much I've conquered and that is the most fulfilling part. My mornings are early and my days are long. But that's what coffee (or a cocktail!) is for, am I right?! 

Forever in love with textiles, dancing, coffee, retail therapy, and designing dream spaces for my clients to fall madly in love with. I hope that you have an enjoyable time clicking, scrolling and getting a sneak peak at the girl behind the scenes - me!



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